REPENT or PERISH: SEX IS NOT FOR FUN... SEX is a Spiritual bond (Soul tie)

How many men/women's souls do you have inside of you? Every person you sleep with leaves a part of themselves with you. some of us think sex is for fun but you dont know that sex out of marriage is the greatest covenant that you can ever think of, Sexually transmitted demons are not something to play with and are harder to get rid of than diseases!!!!

 Soul ties are more powerful than you think. The right mate for you will PRAY on your soul not PREY on it. Women, God made u to be protected by your husband and sex makes you feel married, even though you aren't.

Sex is a spiritual bond because of the connection made during love making. Do you ever wonder what your soul looks like to GOD? Sex does more to the body than the eyes can see. Be careful who and what you allow your soul to tie to!!! This picture touched me.

Here is what Paul says about such a relationship in 1 Corinthians 6:15-18
Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ? Shall I then take the members of …

Chit-Chat: Don't Reply Your Haters, Reply Your Fans.

If you check very well you will find out that I hardly reply my critics, I mainly reply my fans. The only time I reply my haters is when they say something I would like to address. As for those still calling me Attention Seeker for always voicing out my opinion: I say to you, It is an old term used to describe me and that doesn't define me. Try something new.... Try harder.... I am not broken. You can't break me... Join me. A lot of celebrities hardly reply their fans, they easily reply their critics and that's where they get it wrong. Reply your fans, And ignore your haters. Unless when something that has need to be addressed is put out; then you can break your silence, if not keep mute to haters. A lot of times I was told not to reply anyone at all because that is how celebs do lol. But that's not me, I do reply comments on IG... Check my comment sections... No matter my height and level in life I stay true to myself, I remain real, and humble. I advise you to do th…

Hello Friends...

Happy new week. Welcome to the week of triple triple. Triple for your losses. The crops are ripe, It's harvest time. There shall be press down, shaking together, and running over. Men will favour you, women will favour you, even children will favour you. Those you know and don't know will favour you. Those you expect and don't expect will favour you, even your enemies will favour you. You will rise from nothing to great and from nobody to the top. In JESUS Name!!!

I'm A Humanist NOT A Feminist

I'm not a feminist but a humanist. I side both sexes depending on who's right. Some women are to be blamed for the domestic violence against them by men. Don't judge from one side, Know the two sides of the story. Men get domestic violence too and no one talk about it. Men are even raped and no one cares. Some women are to be blamed for the rape they get because of indecent dressing and following a man to his house when you don't want to get laid, What are you doing in his house or in an undisclosed place with him? You know you can't drink but get high and get laid, Then you start screeming  rape rape, Girl you caused it. Prevention is wise. If you need no rape stay out of the danger of rape. If you need no domestic violence be faithful, respectful, and submissive to your partner. I'm in no way supporting domestic violence and rape, I'm only giving out counsel/advise on how to avoid and prevent it.  I dey talk my own as a counsellor on all matters. The wis…

My Take On Toke Makinwa's Nude...

Toke, Toke, Toke, How many times did I call you? You are a Christian, You are a role model, You were a wife, You are respectable brand, Which of these are you representing in the above picture. Going nude for whatever reason is totally uncalled for. You can't sell your stuffs the way the world sell theirs. Remember you are a Christian woman and a role model, You a not a Kim Kardashian and can never be, No matter how hard you try. You want to hit 100M overnight on IG with this nude? You wish. It will only dent your image as a future wife period. Is this the true reason you left Maje and killed his image? No man can tolerate your materialistic and superficial side, And any man who beats some sense into you for posing nude in public can be absolutely justified! Yes!! He own you not the public. So, keep your inspirational messages to yourself you are not fit to dish it after this complete nude photoshoot. Just get out of my sight @tokemakinwa is this how you pay God for putting you i…

Join My Movement: Operation Political Looters Must Go!!!

Funny how lawmakers and law enforcers are law breakers. Really annoying when those in power abuse power and loot the nation. Don't play politics when you don't follow the rules. If you think you are above the law, A day will come when the law will outplay you. It can take a thousand years for generations to dwell in foolishness and darkness, But a day will come when their eyes will be opened and they will come back to their senses; that fateful day will mark the beginning of their freedom. O bad learders, Let my people go; Out of financial slavery and bad leaderships, Out of captivity and bondage, Out of poverty and hardship. They've been under this bondage for so long. The time has come for us to act, And our action tool is our vote. Cast the right vote. Join my movement; Operation political looters must go!!!

Stop Giving False Hope!

Just as deceiving someone that you are in love when you are not is wrong, Likewise giving anyone false hope when there is none is wrong. Be it in love, job, business or whatever; Don't raise anyone's hope for nothing. Let your yes be yes and let your no be no. People believe lies more than truth unfortunately for them and that's why they fall for lies. People most times fall for the wrong ones and that's why they get heartbroken. They may not be able to watch their own backs but you can be your neighbors keeper by being honest, sincere, and truthful. You waste people's time, feelings, and efforts when you give them false hope! Stop it.