O My Nigeria

Nigeria why? But why? Why? Na so we see am... So many lives perished in the fuel tanker explosion in Lagos. What a bad governance... What a corrupt nation... What a bad politics... This is pure case of negligence and bad leadership. Our rulers should know that tankers with fuel should be separated from commercial vehicles on the highway SMH. I'm pissed right now. Nothing is working in my country and my people are suffering, I can't be relaxed outside the country because I'm concerned. So so bad news from Naija... Nigeria which way??? Time to take our future into hands and cast the right vote next election.... Don't sell your votes next election... See what it is causing... The wrong people in power will do us no good.. But when the righteous rule the people rejoice and dwell in safety. Time to use our hands to repair our future and not to fight ourselves. Condolences to the families that lost loved ones in the fuel tanker explosion in Lagos. R. I. P to the dead. *

Piece Of Me!

My people, As una see me so I no fit shout and I no fit force.  If I give I myself to you and you don't appreciate it I will just withdraw. As something dey hot for myside na so e take dey quick cold o.  I no get time and I no value anything for this life.  I be I don't care kind of person.  I dey take life easy because nothing dey for this life,  Naked we came and Naked we will return, So I no fit die for anything. I no send.  If you want to keep seeing me around show appreciation and support or else na go I dey so.  Before this I dey live and after this I go still dey live dey go, I no miss anything na una go miss me,  because  who lose me lose gold and most precious/priceless treasure. I just say make I let una know sha no be say one day una go look  una no see me again lol No be  say I no like una or I no serious  but  una no show enough love and appreciation for where I dey so I come feel say una support level na zero.  God bless!!!

Businesses You Can Start Without Capital.

The day to day deteriorating economy condition in the world have made it difficult for many people to raise capital for starting business ventures. As such, many have opted to operate small businesses that can be carried out at the comfort of their dwelling places. This discourse, therefore, seeks to discuss different ventures that can be started with little or no capital at all.

Blogging for example is a good business you can start without capital. Why not try it out if you have the passion for writing and reporting. There is money in passion, the passion keeps you going even in the storms till it starts generating income.

Consultancy services are one of the business ventures that you can start without thinking of money. Some of these consultancy services include marriage, legal, educational and property consultancy. Here, you do not need any capital to start. You only need to posses the relevant professional skills for any of the above fields. Your immediate pool of clients should b…

Understanding Your Body & Circle!!!



Most girls don't understand this because of much heavy grammar used to teach it, and we don't listen to our body too. I started listening to my body for signs and I arrived at the simple analysis/steps........
👉MENSTRUAL PERIOD:The time blood flows out of your private area, when you use pad.
👉MENSTRUAL CYCLE: Days it takes to see another blood in the month. If you last saw your period in June 11th and it started again on July 10th 2017, then you have 30days cycle (count from 11 June to 10 July).
NOTE: It is erroneous to believe its 28days cycle, different women have different cycles ranging from 21-35 days.
👉OVULATION PERIOD: This is time to get pregnant without stress. This is 2 weeks after your period or 2 weeks before the next period.
Here's a simple way to calculate your ovulation (unsafe) period.
1. From the first day you see the blood of your period.
2. Pick up a calendar and count 15 days including the …


Na who born this fine girl ? Awww see as I fine... ASA... OMALICHA 1 Of Anambra State. I thank GOD I wasn't a wasted sperm 🙌. I want to put my brand, name, face and platform on celebrating SPERM!!! I was a sperm that my parents kept and allowed to live to form me. I Thank GOD I wasn't eliminated or aborted.

Today, let's have a moment of silence in honour of those children who were not born but were:

1. Swallowed during a blow job.

2. Thrown away in condom.

3. Washed off during masturbation.

4.  Dropped on someone's breast and died in tissue paper.

5. Slipped on someone's hip and lost with water.

6. And many more unfortunate incidents.

Consider yourself very lucky to be alive, because you made it....!!! Thank GOD for the gift of life.

You were a sperm that survived!!! You were the fastest swimmer and you made it!!! You were a sperm that survived  while billions of others perished. So do not feel down. Live life and enjoy life. If you made it when you were a sperm.…

5 Awesome Ways To Uplift Your Business & Career!!!

Hi everyone! This is an interesting subject for all of us who are self-employed and CEOs. We are always looking out for new ways and how to push our business and career forward.

Business and career needs rebranding and re-strategizing from time to time. Don't just grow your business/career, Grow with it. Just as the human body outgrows certain clothes; Likewise business/career outgrows certain things and needs changes from time to time to stay relevant, improve, and on top. I've come up with 5 tips that can help!

Nuella & Tchidi

Nuella & Tchidi, So you guys went to the Holy Presence of the Most High to coronize your adulterous marriage with a white wedding bah? No fear of GOD at all smh. The disaster that will befall that adulterous marriage and the people congratulating you is still doing press up. You took him away from Sofia and he will be taken away from you. The good old karma is on the way, No matter how long it takes to come it must surely come. By the way, Nuella who were you wearing? Of course yourself. This is the most local and ugliest wedding gown ever worn by a celeb. This wedding gown is local in all levels. Cheap white materials... Extremely cheap stuff, And locally sawn. You looked a disaster on your own wedding day. What a tasteless and classless look! 👎👎