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Waiting Period: What To Do While You Wait.

Waiting on the Lord? Enjoy your waiting. To wait on the Lord can be quit boring and tiring most times. Frustrating and discouraging most times. Sometimes you may even hit the ground and feel like giving up completely, But trust God waiting on the Lord is fantastic; because He will never allow you to wait in vain. At the end of the day the result will speak volumes of his greatness and you will know that your waiting on the Lord is worthwhile.

Now, Here are what to do while you are waiting on the Lord. Don't just wait, Wait well.

1. Have faith and trust God
2. Be good to others
3. Work for God
4. Rejoice always
5. Praise & Thank God in the storm
6. Learn from all your experiences what God is teaching you in your waiting period
7. Never give up. If you fall stand up and keep trusting God for the day the wait will be over.

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Baby Girl Picked Under The Bridge By A Good Samaritan

This lady by the name Juilet Chime said: I just picked a baby girl frm under coker bridge beating by d rain. How wicked can a mother be after hard labour pain and sleepless nights. And trows her own child away. KIA dis is d height of wickedness.....😢😢😢😢😢😢

Nollywood Actress Who Escaped Prison Break 6Years Ago Rearrested

Nollywood Hausa actress, Rabi Ismail has been recaptured by Intelligence Unit of the Nigerian Prisons Service with the aid from the State Security Service, SSS.
This re-arrest comes six years after Rabi escaped from Hadejia Prison, Jigawa State, on December 16, 2011. Before her escape she was sentenced to death by hanging for killing her male friend.

Pic Of The Day: See The Long Length Hair This Lady Is Rocking

Oh well, It's a matter of choice but can you rock this? Ladies ain't smiling these days oh hehehe!! Is this not too long?

Mixed Feelings Over The IPOB Biafra Leader Nnamdi KANU Expressed By Online Social Network Users

I can't stop laughing about this hilarious comment by a Facebook User below!
Forcing himself on Jews who do not give a hoot if there is a tribe called Ibos. Why sacrifice your own God-given Identity for a Jewish own? Then start learning Hebrew language already

Viral Memo To The Governor's Wife Who Made A Priest Lose His Job And Home For Not Giving Her Special Treatment During A Communion Service

My opinion on this is: Apply wisdom and humility when in the position of power and don't use it to oppress others, For God is the voice of the voiceless and the helper of the helpless. (God brings down the proud and uplifts the humble. Pride comes before destruction). Apologize and restore the priest back to his office and residence. Please do not call the anger and vengeance of God upon yourself.

Fruit Smoothie & Fruit Water Detox For Losing Weight And Vitamins.

Summer time is here in Europe and so many people are looking for that "Go To" speedy recipe for losing weight and vitamins. Here are two ways you can achieve that with just 3 types of fruits and two recipes you can choose from. Try it and thank me later.

Fruit Smoothie: A smooth and thicker way to enjoy your fruits.
1. Wash and slice your pineapple, kiwi, cumcumber.
2. Put the fruits into your blender and grind till smooth
3. Pour the fruit smoothie into your glass cup and enjoy

Fruit water detox: A watery and lighter way to consume your fruits.
1. Wash and slice your pineapple, kiwi, cucumber.
2. Put the fruits into a big container and pour water into it to the brim.
3. Keep the container in a cool place or cold refrigerator for a week or two, then start drinking from it everyday with a glass cup in the morning before breakfast and a glass cup at night after dinner.
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Who else is outgrowing things? I am... Thanks to GOD. There are things I used to say, do, and write that I can't anymore. #reborn #rebirth #newlife #newme #lovingthenewme #maryjane

KCEE Rocking Ankara Jumpsuit

Nigerian Musican and Fashion Fanatic Kcee has taken his love for fashion to another level as he flaunt himself in Ankara Jumpsuit.

True Life Story: Pastor's Wife Storms Church Service To Disgrace Her Husband For Impregnating A Young Member.

Uproar and Commotion as angry pastor's wife storms Church...

Church service at the Kairos Rhema Embassy in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state took an unusual turn when the wife of the church's pastor disrupted service to inform congregants that her husband had been cheating on her with a church member and had even impregnated the woman.

When the pastor's wife, Idongesit Ese, came into the church premises, she was barred from entering the auditorium, reportedly because her husband, Pastor Nsikanabasi Ese, suspected she would try to pull such a stunt.

As soon as she got out of her car and tried to get into the church premises, a group of men, reportedly hired by her husband, attacked her and the newsmen present. Witnesses told Premium Times that they saw one of the thugs slap Mrs. Ese. But she remained defiant and was able to make her way into the church premises from where she told her story loudly for those within the church to hear her.

“I want every man and woman who has conscienc…

True Life Story: How Duchess Camilla Went From Side-Chick To House-Wife.

During an in-depth interview with The Mail on Sunday's You magazine, the 69-year-old Duchess recalled the consequences surrounding her decades-long private relationship with the Prince of Wales -- an affair that took place while Charles was still married to the late Princess Diana and she was with her first husband, Andrew Parker-Bowles.

Sad Story: A Man Lost His Life For Breaking His Girlfriend's Heart.

Two suspects alleged to have gruesomely assassinated an Italian based Nigerian in Benin city ,Edo state mr. Omoruyi okundolor have been arrested by men of the Edo state police command. They were said to have confirmed that the female lover of the deceased who felt jilted contracted them for the killing. The suspects who said they were four that went for the killing named one moses and power as members of their gang. The said female lover and the two accomplices are now at large. They claimed that the plan to assassinate Omoruyi okundolor was hatched in a drinking spot at evbuotubu in Benin city. An 18 year old girl was also killed by the hoodlums when they were on their way to assassinate Omoruyi on the excuse that the young girl recognise on of them who pulled the trigger. More details ahead....


Most Influential Women In Entertainment *My List*

These are women in entertainment industry who have more ability to influence the youths and society.

The List Written By: Maryjane Blogazine

10. Selena Gomez: This girl is one of the most influential women in the world with the highest instagram followers presently. Please overlook the tenth position it is not numbered in order I just focused on the ten names to put on the list. Selena is an influential bomb lol, As a matter of fact she just hit over 100million followers on instagram. The worldwide Selenators are so dedicated to her and she is such a positive influence. Sele is a true example that it pays off better to be a good and decent person.

Love Triangle: How To Control Your Feelings And Your Actions When You Can't Control Your Heart

I guess that's the longest heading/tittle you've ever seen right? It merit guiness book of record world tittle lol. Anyway, Back to the subject; Love triangle is one of the fundamental reason of most breakups and divorce, So let's tackle it. Number one way of tackling it is "Focusing on your partner and don't get distracted" And secondly Control how you get close to the person of interest who you are falling for. Thirdly "Say to yourself I can't afford to mess up and apply self control to your actions and feelings. You can't be in love with two people at the same time, There is nothing confusing in being in love. I am here to oppose the notion that says that you can fall in love with two people at the same time. How is that even possible? It is absolutely impossible if you are truly in love. There is no confusion in love, Love is certainty, Love is sure. Once you are confuse and waving in love you are not truly in love.

You can't afford to be…

Best Naija Female Musicians *My List*

Maryjane Blogazine presents to you the Best Naija female musicians.

If you don't agree with my list it's OK because we all have different taste musically and otherwise....

Naija Celebs: Black Beauties (Brown Sugar/Ebony Black Naija Celebs) *My List*

Maryjane Blogazine presents to you Naija Black Beauty Celebs!!!

10.Queen Nwokoye- This black beauty is not only representing Africa's Natural beauty very well, But also doing justice to her name Queen. The funny and talented low key Nollywood actress is very faithful to her Africanity and black colour.


3 Astonishing Reasons Why We Should Cry!!!

Yes Cry! Cry! Cry!. If you're like those who see tears as weakness you are not the only one in that department, As a matter of fact that's the reason why most men hardly cry, Strong women like me go through stuffs but hardly cry and that's more destructive than good; because when we eventually let out the emotions piled up inside it comes out explosively. Recently, I found out these astonishing reasons why we should cry; through my own personal experience.

 I said to myself "Why are you not crying? You should cry! holding back the tears is keeping in the hurt" I advised myself and then, I cried and cried and cried, And I felt relieved and better. Wow cry works like magic lol. It is a natural fluid that comes out from us to relief our heavy emotions and express our state of mind, Yet people like me go through brutal situations of life and even heartbreak without a single tears. Not that we are not hurt or emotionless, we j…

Word For Today!

Someone here, Your glory will be greater than your story. Don't worry, be happy. God is working it out. Just a little while and it will manifest and will not tarry. Trust God. Amen Hallelujah In Jesus Name!

Naija Celebs: HOT MAMAs 2016 *My List*

A list of beautiful and young looking Naija Celebrities who are the hottest and sexiest MAMAs in the hood Lol. Hey! Common just have fun and entertaiment. Don't be offended if you ain't included o. You are beautifully you and not what I say you are *Winks*. Hey friends cull and share let's know how many people agree with my list and let's know who ought to be included and who ought to be excluded lol.

Maryjane Blogazine presents to you "HOT MAMAs list" Naija Celebs.  Enjoy reading..... Get entertained!!!

12. Mercy Aigbe: She's one of the hottest mama in the hood, And with her this list would be incomplete. Mercilious is a super HOT MAMA with grand style.


10 Things Every Woman Should Have In Her Hand-Bag!!! Oh well you may say what? You want to tell us even what to put in our own bags? Of course we know our personal needful belongings should be in there lol, But hold on don't flip this post and read what I have on my list *Winks*

My Gucci Designer's Bag 💖

You can't carry your whole house out lol, but you can carry a lot of things that are needful; Of course it depend on the size of your hand-bag. So, If what I list out is bigger than your bag you can flip to the next. I go with my bag almost everywhere, Some people even call me the bag girl lol.

My Versace Designer's Bag 💖

Here are what you should carry along:

1. A makeup pack

2. A mirror

3. A comb/brush

4. A lipstick/lip gloss

5. A small purse for money

6. Snacks

7. Water

8. Eye Glass

9. Phone

10. Bible

Veteran Nollywood Legends *My List*

They are veterans... They've contributed immensely in Nollywood with their talents... These are legendary Nollywood actors/actresses whose fingerprint will forever be in the historic record of Nollywood, Others are great; These are VETERAN NOLLYWOOD LEGENDS. This is my list... It's your girl again! *Winks!*. Whereever Nollywood story is told these names will be mentioned. I hereby call on respectable bodies to create a sort of "Hollywood Walk Of Fame" To Place The Names Of Our Country's Legend In various Field" apart from Nollywood. Our actors/actresses has helped a lot in promoting and highlighting facts about Nigeria and should be accorded due benevolence. Celebrate others and you shall be celebrated.
The List Written By: Maryjane Blogazine

My list my rules... My listing my view... I am entitled to my own opinion lol. If you not include in the list sorry. Enjoy Reading.....

The List Written By: Maryjane Blogazine

12. Chiwetalu Agu: The man with invented an…

Most Internationally Known Naija Celebrities! *My List*

Maryjane Blogazine presents to you "Most Internationally Known Naija Celebs".

Most Curvy Celebrities! (The Curvelicious) *My List*

Maryjane Blogazine present to you the Most Curvy Celebs!!

Enjoy reading........!!!

10. Beyonce: A moderate weight and curvy body to go with it. Beyonce have a space here on this list though number 10

A Must Read


A 16 year old boy recently died. He and his
brother were sleeping in the same room. Late night he got up to vomit. His brother said he held his hand to his mouth and went to the bathroom.
After vomiting, he complained of difficulty in breathing. Later died.
..... Now it has been declared by Doctor that he held on to his vomit till he reached the toilet in order to not to spoil the bed or carpet, and that's what choked him. The vomit went straight into his wind pipe & the breathing tract.
..... So, we should let kids puke wherever they want, and then go to the bathroom. We should never force them to hold on to their vomit till they reach the bathroom. The carpet can always be washed, but we cannot get a child back.
Please share, and pass on this
message. It's informative and It may save a life.

News Focus: Farming In Africa & The Difficulty African Farmers Are Facing.

Could Africa's farmers feed the continent? Experts Feared No.

Posted at With parts of Africa hit by drought, experts are looking at ways of helping farmers and food producers find more efficient methods to store crops, to prevent food and grain being eaten by rats, or other vermin. It is estimated that 30% of food is lost, or wasted, after it is harvested and fruit or vegetables often perish on their way to markets, because trucks are delayed by bad roads. The challenge of preserving crops is a big problem for farmers and food producers in Kenya, as the BBC’s Michael Kaloki has been finding out.

Celebrity Of The Day: Janet Jackson

Happy belated 51 Birthday To Janet Jackson!!! Wow Janet has clocked 51 already... She became a mother at 50 and got separated from her husband after the childbirth. Her ex husband got her a bunch of roses for her birthday. Aww that's so sweet... If you guys are still in love why separate? He's such a sweet handsome rich dude lol. Janet you miss o where will you get another romantic handsome billionaire at 51? You are no more youngie o cool down...Lol.

Janet Jackson's Ex Husband Gifts Her Orchids and Roses On Her 51st Birthday. Janet Jackson is separated from husband Wissam Al Mana, but he did not forget about her birthday. How many husbands remember their wives birthday? Talkless of ex. This man is very exemplary for his applaudable kind gesture and good deed. I Like. Contrary to most Nigerian women's belief that flowers ain't a great gift, I believe it is and I do appreciate it a lot. I mean I can get whatever I want, so I do appreciate little things as long as it…


What do you call this? Same story different point of view lol. To each its own haha. Learn how to evaluate things yourself and don't base your belief on what the media feed you with else you will be misled and you will misjudge lol.

Celebrity Of The Day: Adesua Etomi - Mrs Wellington.

Hmmmm Adesua Etomi you bagged yourself a good man? Who do you want to give heart attack over a player? Abeg park one side. We know Banky well well, So take a chill pill abeg. Stop hyping him, your afore silence was preferable, because if this shit fail now people go laff you die... Lol😁

Celebrity Couple Of The Day!

I remember I was the first to report this pregnancy when nobody knew. Remember the exclusive interview? Yeah. Safe delivery Laura!

Laura & Hubby!

Obsanjo's Wife Opens Up About Why She Didn't Attend Her First & Only Son's Wedding!!!

Obasanjo's Son Olujonwo and Tope

A mother is always right I would say. What a mother foretells their children cannot comprehend it until it happens. If your mom have a bad feeling about the marriage then you should think twice, ponder, and pray about it. Read what she said below.

True Life Story: How A Wife's Nagging Led To Her Husband's Death & Adultery

This is a very sad story... Very common one whereby a wife nags her husband into the arms of another woman, but the saddest twist to this story is the terrible loss of the man's life due to restlessness and lack of peace of mind caused by his wife's nagging. Men, please the fact that your wife is nagging is not an excuse to cheat, two wrongs doesn't make a right. Prayer and counselling is needed to fix marital crisis. Nevertheless, Women please try to be accommodating and loving; It will make your husband always run home to you and look forward to spending time with you, and he will not run into the hands of another woman for solace. Side-chicks, You are not a saviour; Stop playing nice to a husband of a troubled home, You're not better than his wife if you were to be the one married to him you would do worse. Men, be not fooled nor deceived; Every woman is sweeter before marriage!!! The only thing is that some women remain good after marriage while some brings out th…

News Focus: Osohiomole's Wife & 334 Foreigners Receives Nigerian Citizenship

Ewwh What An Achievement Lol. The only birthright I am willing to sell.... Who need it? Lol. Kidding ooo. Congrats.

The Federal Government of Nigeria today, granted citizenship to a total of 335 foreign nationals in Abuja. They were granted citizenship by the Federal Government after statutory clearance and due diligence by the relevant security agencies.‎ ‎

The Minister of Interior, retired Lt.-Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau,‎ who presented the certificates of citizenship to the foreigners, charged them to be good ambassadors of Nigeria.
Mrs Lara Oshiomhole from Cape Verde, who got married to former Governor of Edo State, Adams Oshiomole‎, in 2015 was one of the recipients.
NAN reports that Dambazau in his remarks, said that 335 applicants were approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) in January, out of the over 500 foreigners that applied. He explained that 245 of the foreigners approved were granted Citizenship by‎ Naturalisation, while 90 were by Registration, mainly foreign women m…

Internet Buzz: Nigeria Entertainment Today

Sources says Mo' has married her longtime boo Prince Bukunyi Olateru-Olagbegi in a private ceremony. No confirmation nor dismissal of this information yet. If true, Congrats to them. This is absolutely a goodnews and this calls for celebration 🙌🙌🙌

Mercy Aigbe who has been in the news lately for domestic violence take to the internet to thank friends and colleuges who stood by her during the difficult times. Her thank list puts her fans in an uproar because surprisingly some of her close pals like Iyabo Ojo, Eniola Badmus, Funke Akindele, And co didn't make the list, But unexpectedly Actress Omoni Oboli who is still mourning her dad made the list, Actress Toyin Abraham who is a well known heart of gold also made the list. Nice one Toyin and Omoni. Stay Strong Mercy 💪💪💪

Comedian I Go Dye sets the internet ablaze as pic of a mansion he built for his mom surface the internet. Aww so nice of him. Every good mom deserve this good reward. I go dye chop knuckle 👊👊👊

Women Are Treasure! Not Trash.

Dear men, Women are God's precious gift to you. Adam was incomplete without Eve, And God said it is not good for a man to be alone that's why he made a waman out of a man. The woman is not your equal but a weaker vessel, So why do you beat and fight her like your equals? Why do you want her to take over your responsibility as a man in your home? Why do you abandon your child/Children for only her to Carter for? Why do you maltreat her? You ought to respect and care for her! You ought to protect and provide for her! You ought to be with her and not abandon her! She was made out of you and you are incomplete without her; That's why she's the bone of your born and flesh of your flesh. Will you hurt yourself? No! So don't hurt her.

A woman is naturally productive and powerful. Ask me why!? 1. You give her a sperm and she turns it into a child/children. 2. You give her little feeding money and she turns it into a delicious meal. 3. You give her love she gives you a gre…


Signs & Characteristics Of A Violent Person
Hey!! Today I want to talk to you about a very delicate topic which unfortunately has become so rampant in most relationships in our society today. Most times the victims come across some signs and characteristics in the person before the act but they didn't get it or overlooked it. Hmm!!

Here Are The Signs & Characteristics Of A Violent Person:

1. Hot temper: Don't overlook this characteristic that includes quick anger, and can cause violence.

2. Jealousy: A small amount of jealousy is good for a relationship but when it is too much it is a red flag, and can stimulate violence.

3. Controlling: If a person possess this characteristic it can make the person domineering which will make the person a control freek that will impose rules and regulations on you which you must obey.

4. Steady Shouting & Quarreling: Normally every couple shouts and quarrel sometimes, but when it is always it is unhealthy and can lead to violence.…

Power Meet Power: Meet The 3 Daughters Of Lt President Yar'Adua Who Married 3 Governors

Wow for these three beautiful daughters of former President, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, there is life after power.

Born of a woman, who obviously doesn’t suffer fools, the former First Lady, Turai Yar’Adua made sure her first three daughters ended up in different State Houses in the north while her husband was in power.
Though their husbands are no longer in power, they still have their clout and attract attention.

Maryam is married to former governor of Katsina State, Ibrahim Shehu Shema, while Zainab is the wife of the former governor of Kebbi State, Usman Saidu Nasamu Dakingari.

Sighted recently at the Babangida wedding in Minna on Friday, was Nafisa Yuguda.

Nafisat Yuguda

Nafisa got married to the Bauchi State governor, Isa Yuguda in 2009. The wedding, which was celebrated amid pomp, was a revelation on the style of the lady who did not fail to impress everyone present that she is indeed a style pundit. Since then she has not lowered her standard and has instead, raised the bar higher. …

Photos From BankyW & Adesua Etomi's Introduction Ceremony!!!

Congratulations. Now you are a real man Banky.... I mean it... Now you are a real man. You've been running away from marriage for years thinking it was bondage, Now you will discover it is sweet if you are married to your best friend. Enjoy marital bliss Mr Bankole Wellington & Adesua Etomi.

A Hand Of Applause For This Beautiful Couple!!!

Naomi Campbell Stepped Out In Grand Style!!!

Supermodel Naomi Campbell, Age 46, Dazzling in new pic. The top model was sighted on red carpet wowing in this glowing fashion ensemble. Nice one Naomi.

See What Happened To A Guy That Sucked A Girl's Vagina.

Guys! See Wetin Pussy Cause O.... He Sucked An Infectious Pussy And This Is The Result... Swollen Lip & Sore Throat.

Yes the way to a woman's heart apart from Loving and caring for her is sucking her pussy, but be careful guys. Don't put your mouth on every pussy. STD is real. Be careful. Read what happened to this guy below!

This young man has now been admitted to the hospital after sucking a lady's vagina. He woke up the next morning to find out that his lip had swollen so much... it was about to burst open.

According to his cousin who posted his photo on instagram:

My Cuzin ate some girl in the plaza p**sy and woke up like this… he said the doctor said who eva he gave oral s*x too has a very severly std that hasnt been treated in years… my cousins throat is also swollen. my cousin says when he gets better he is going to expose her because he could have died…. Smh fellas becareful out there

Open Confession: Chrissy Teigen Says Everything About Her Body Beauty Is Fake!!!

Top Model Chrissy Teigen Admits Undergoing Plastic Surgery Beauty Enhancements. (Pic Illustrations).

Oh well, I really had to post this because it serves as some kind of Eye-opener to those of you who see yourselves as imperfect creatures and see celebrities as perfect creatures. Mind you, most of them are rocking fake bodies like Crissy, So be not deceived nor fooled. Read her interview below. Smh. Self appreciation is self love and self love is self acceptance which lead to self value and self worth. Appreciate yourself and don't imitate nonsense.

She look nothing like her old self. This is an old pic of her... And to me she look better naturally....

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most celebrated beauties of the modeling industry, but in a shocking revelation, she has revealed that her gorgeous features are not just down to good genes but the fake works of plastic surgeries.

True Life Story: How A Newly Married Pregnant Bride Lost Her Life...

This is really sad and relatable, that's why I'm posting it. This is what God do for me always and I don't take it for granted, Thank you LORD. If GOD has not been by my side I would have been long dead. Thank you my Lord and my Saviour JESUS for saving my life anytime I get an attack in the sleep that can lead to death through sleep you always save me and wake me up. Death through sleep is caused by evil attack. The victim get stuck and stiff in sleep unable to move and get up. The name of JESUS has been my life-saver whenever it occurs. Please don't ignore such attack, Pray about it, Learn to call the name of Jesus, You need the Holyspirt, believe in God, and hold on to God. I am sure this victim may have been having similar attack at sleep before. So sad she lost it and that can never be my portion In JESUS Name AMEN. (The name of the Lord is a strong tower the righteous runneth into it and is saved - Proverbs 18 vs 10). Read her story below!

The death of a pregnan…