Celebrity Of The Day: Janet Jackson

Happy belated 51 Birthday To Janet Jackson!!! Wow Janet has clocked 51 already... She became a mother at 50 and got separated from her husband after the childbirth. Her ex husband got her a bunch of roses for her birthday. Aww that's so sweet... If you guys are still in love why separate? He's such a sweet handsome rich dude lol. Janet you miss o where will you get another romantic handsome billionaire at 51? You are no more youngie o cool down...Lol.

Janet Jackson's Ex Husband Gifts Her Orchids and Roses On Her 51st Birthday. Janet Jackson is separated from husband Wissam Al Mana, but he did not forget about her birthday. How many husbands remember their wives birthday? Talkless of ex. This man is very exemplary for his applaudable kind gesture and good deed. I Like. Contrary to most Nigerian women's belief that flowers ain't a great gift, I believe it is and I do appreciate it a lot. I mean I can get whatever I want, so I do appreciate little things as long as it is done in love.

Janet turned 51 on Tuesday, and a source close to the Jackson family tells ETOnline that her ex husband Al Mana sent her a mix over 100 roses and orchids in celebration of her special day. It was also reported recently by various media outlets that their separation was due to their various cultural belief and background. Her ex hubby is a practicing Muslim who wants her to cover her body all the time and stay out of sexy dirty stage dances, but Janet still wants to go on a tour and further her career in music. Hmmm Janet at 51? Are you not too old for all that nonsense and rebellion? At this old age you should be submissive and not rebellious!!! At least for the sake of your child so you can raise him in a normal family setting of a father and a mother, and not this senseless separation at 51. Anyway, Happy birthday Jane!!!

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