Avoid Foolish Comparison

Stop comparing yourselves with others, that's why you're feeling bad. Stop comparing others with others you are causing enemity and envy. Be you and let others be themselves. Everyone has different destiny, different purpose in life, and different time to make it in life. Stop stimulating envy and war between people by comparing them; praising one and downgrading the other is not right, And that makes you an advocate of the devil and you are an agent of hate by doing so. Stop comparing your ex with your current lover; because you will never be happy enough to settle with who you have. Stop comparing yourself with your age group, friends, colleagues, and family members; because you will never be happy with your life. The word of God says: Those that compare themselves among themselves are not wise (Are foolish). So pls stop foolish comparison, be happy with what you have and who you are.

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