Fruit Smoothie & Fruit Water Detox For Losing Weight And Vitamins.

Summer time is here in Europe and so many people are looking for that "Go To" speedy recipe for losing weight and vitamins. Here are two ways you can achieve that with just 3 types of fruits and two recipes you can choose from. Try it and thank me later.

Fruit Smoothie: A smooth and thicker way to enjoy your fruits.

1. Wash and slice your pineapple, kiwi, cumcumber.

2. Put the fruits into your blender and grind till smooth

3. Pour the fruit smoothie into your glass cup and enjoy

Fruit water detox: A watery and lighter way to consume your fruits.

1. Wash and slice your pineapple, kiwi, cucumber.

2. Put the fruits into a big container and pour water into it to the brim.

3. Keep the container in a cool place or cold refrigerator for a week or two, then start drinking from it everyday with a glass cup in the morning before breakfast and a glass cup at night after dinner.

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