Love Triangle: How To Control Your Feelings And Your Actions When You Can't Control Your Heart

I guess that's the longest heading/tittle you've ever seen right? It merit guiness book of record world tittle lol. Anyway, Back to the subject; Love triangle is one of the fundamental reason of most breakups and divorce, So let's tackle it. Number one way of tackling it is "Focusing on your partner and don't get distracted" And secondly Control how you get close to the person of interest who you are falling for. Thirdly "Say to yourself I can't afford to mess up and apply self control to your actions and feelings. You can't be in love with two people at the same time, There is nothing confusing in being in love. I am here to oppose the notion that says that you can fall in love with two people at the same time. How is that even possible? It is absolutely impossible if you are truly in love. There is no confusion in love, Love is certainty, Love is sure. Once you are confuse and waving in love you are not truly in love.

You can't afford to be in a love triangle it complicates things not only for your partner but also for you as well. Most especially when you say you are in love with your partner's friend OMG imagine that!!!! You can't afford to do that..... You dare not do that!!! Unlove immediately lol. But seriously you should learn how to control your feelings when it is leading you to the wrong direction. You can't control your heart but you can control your feelings and your actions.

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