Most Fashionable Naija Celebs *My List* √√√√√√√√√√

Maryjane Blogazine present to you the most fashionable Naija celebs. Of course this is what I think that's why I wrote it... Lol. Anyway, It's reality because I wrote this after intense observations of facts and it is factual.

10. Annie Idibia: I guess you all remember when I used to diss Annie for her fashion flops and tasteless style of ridiculousness lol. Annie has transformed from fashion-backward to fashion-current thanks to some professional helping hands of stylist or personal shopper, And thanks to me for boldly and bluntly telling her the bitter truth.

9. Linda Ikeji: You all know how I used to blast Linda in the past for her "Imgbeke-ish" Bush Style and Laughable Fashion-Backwardness, But lately Linda took everyone by surprise by upgrading her fashion game as she steps out on her Instagram page with series of superlative fashion pieces in grand style. I am happy I made this happen through severe scrutiny Lol. Anyway, Linda deserve to be on this list for upgrading her fashion sense through yielding to my blunt advice and bitter truth lol. This is first time in history that she made this fashion list lol. Thanks to her effort to upgrade, thanks to her sister Laura Ikeji's fashion advises to her, and thanks to me for my blunt truth. Yes! I am a CRITIC, but my criticism is constructive and not destructive.

8. Noble Igwe: Fashion master. The Igwe Of Fashion & Master of style. Noble Slayer. Fashion personality of class.

7. Jeremiah Ogbodo: The stylicious and swagalicios fashion brain behind Swanky Signature Styling. No Swanky No Styling (This is not a promo oh lol just saying he is good at what he does, he knows his onions, and he flaunts it).

6. Laura Ikeji: Slaying since day one. Passionate fashion lover. Great fashion sense, style, and taste.

5. Toke Makinwa: Born to slay. (Born to take pics lol). Toke is a great fashionista and one of the best in Nigeria. Respect girl.

4. Tiannah: CEO Tiannah Styling. The fashion godmother and fashion goddess of Nigeria. Slaying since forever! Fashion & Style inventor! Slay Stylist. If you are styled by her and rock her designs you must slay. (This is not a sponsored post lol).

3. Mercy Aigbe: Slay mama. Great fashion-sense and great taste of fashion. Always slaying and on point self-styled. With all due respect to her stylist; Mercy rock even without a stylist.

2. Rita Dominic- One Of Nigeria's best celebrity fashionista. I personally consider her a fashion icon and she is indeed a fashion icon. She is one of her kind. She can go from trendy to elegant and various looks without problem. Always on point in slaying. She  Rocks Fashion-Wise. Excellent fashion taste.

1. Ebube Nwagbo: Slayer of life. SLaYniTa. EBUBE Has taken the number one position from Rita Dominic this time. Rita still rock but posh EBUBE is presently slaying more with her fashion choices and slaying styles. Her figure 8 is obviously helping her set everything she puts on ablaze... She's on fire🔥

I hope you enjoyed reading my list. Share and cull post, But remember to give credit to Maryjane Blogazine, Thanks.

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