Signs & Characteristics Of A Violent Person
Hey!! Today I want to talk to you about a very delicate topic which unfortunately has become so rampant in most relationships in our society today. Most times the victims come across some signs and characteristics in the person before the act but they didn't get it or overlooked it. Hmm!!

Here Are The Signs & Characteristics Of A Violent Person:

1. Hot temper: Don't overlook this characteristic that includes quick anger, and can cause violence.

2. Jealousy: A small amount of jealousy is good for a relationship but when it is too much it is a red flag, and can stimulate violence.

3. Controlling: If a person possess this characteristic it can make the person domineering which will make the person a control freek that will impose rules and regulations on you which you must obey.

4. Steady Shouting & Quarreling: Normally every couple shouts and quarrel sometimes, but when it is always it is unhealthy and can lead to violence. So, if a person shouts and quarrel all the time that's a red flag.

5. Physical Reaction: The best way to disagree and argue is verbally through dialogue. When a person easily gets physical or raises the hand or object, Or makes any attempt to get to physical against you that's a red flag.

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