Ride & Grind Your Hubby: Your Spirituality Must Not Kill Your Sexuality!!! (Adult Only) +18 🔥

Oh dear! There is nothing as boring as a sexually inactive woman. Very self-righteous, passive, and withdrawn. Hey!! You should ride and grind him...Lol. Don't lay down there like a wood. Always giving one excuse or the other in order not to have fun with your own hubby. Like seriously? Hello!! If you are asexual you shouldn't have married him. Or did you marry him just for kids and companionship?

Men love sex, they love sex more than women. You should understand that and try to meet his demand or rather his need. Sex is not food but it is compulsory in a marriage; because once you are married your body is no longer yours but your partner's. Do you know that depriving your partner of sex is a sin? Yes if you both did not agree to abstain from it for a while to fast and pray. OK I get it, you don't deprive him sex but you lay down like a wood with no movement nor participation and allow him to do all the work while you say "Hurry up" in your mind as he grind you right? That is even worse!!! How could you? He is your husband for crying out loud. He own you and you own him, you belong to each other, There shouldn't be such reaction or rather inaction from you while making love, you should be active, participate, and pleasure your husband while he pleasure you. Change position, Get creative, Go on top him, play with him, Ride him, Grind that thing...Lol, Seriously. No amount of prayer can do that job for you, don't deceive yourself; There is time for everything. If you fail to do what you ought to do; another woman will help you out. How about that? I guess you don't want that right? Now get to work. Ride and grind him tonight lol. Do your best and leave the rest to God.

Note: You're obligated to fulfill your marital duties to your spouse. Your spirituality must not kill your sexuality.

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