Waiting Period: What To Do While You Wait.

Waiting on the Lord? Enjoy your waiting. To wait on the Lord can be quit boring and tiring most times. Frustrating and discouraging most times. Sometimes you may even hit the ground and feel like giving up completely, But trust God waiting on the Lord is fantastic; because He will never allow you to wait in vain. At the end of the day the result will speak volumes of his greatness and you will know that your waiting on the Lord is worthwhile.

Now, Here are what to do while you are waiting on the Lord. Don't just wait, Wait well.

1. Have faith and trust God
2. Be good to others
3. Work for God
4. Rejoice always
5. Praise & Thank God in the storm
6. Learn from all your experiences what God is teaching you in your waiting period
7. Never give up. If you fall stand up and keep trusting God for the day the wait will be over.

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