5 Types Of Business Days!!!

If you're a business person you need to know this, so that you'll know how to manage yourself and the situation when it arises. Not everything is spiritual, Though somethings are sometimes in some cases. You need to first tackle it from within with (Prayer) then from outside with (Wisdom).

Here are the very 5 types of Business days I've come up with (Based on logistics of my personal experience, And not based on statistics of public opinions) Here are they:

1. Rush Day: This a day everyone look at for in business, this is a day that everyone prays should be permanent and last forever. This is a day that business goes top, viral, and generates a lot of satisfactions.

2. Normal day: This is a day when business is neither slow, dry, happy, nor rush. It's just a normal day, just there, It's normally what you have on a normal routine.

3. Slow Day: This is a day when business is slowly functioning.

4. Dry Day: This is a time when business is not moving and stagnant.

5. Happy Day: This is a day when you are happy about how business is going, but you are hoping it gets better.

How do I know all these? Because I've passed through it all and I'm currently at "Rush Days" Hallelujah Forever!!! If this my article has inspired you share it to others and give credit thanks.

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