A MUST READ: How To Be A Good Guest And A Good Host.

10 Great Rules For A Welcoming Host & A Honourable Guest!!!

Hello MJBERS! You definately need to read this my article on how to be a good guest and a good host. You may not know it but knowing how to behave is very essential in gaining accolades as a respectable host and a delightable guest. Both have to be reasonable towards each other but especially the guest have to respect himself and not overdo things.

Here are my 10 great rules:

1. A guest should never overstay his welcome. Leave before time; Leave when the host is still saying please stay more. Someone invite you over for a weekend dinner and you pack your things to spend the whole weekend? Who does that? Lol... That's a no no and this is just my rule number one out of my ten rules lol.

2. A guest shouldn't show up empty handed. You should not only come to eat up what the host have to offer, You should also come with a gift for the host. As for the gift for the host I suggest a box of heart-shape chocolate or something lasting that is not eatable.

3. A host must not be too inquisitive. Ask questions, but don't ask too much questions. Is it an interview? Lol. Make your guest feel comfortable. Don't pull out very private and personal matters that your guest wouldn't want to talk about. Certain types of discussions are a "No Go Area" and can make your guest feel very uncomfortable. So, Be careful. (Continue reading below).

4. A host should know the likes and dislikes of the guest in order to know what to prepare and how to prepare it. If you don't know you can ask, so that you won't prepare things that your guest wouldn't like. E.g some people like rice, some don't. Some people eat hot chilly pepper, some don't. Some people drink alcoholic drinks, while some only take soft drinks. Know exactly what your guest like. A good host makes a happy guest, make your guest happy. Satisfy your guest. Create a lasting good impression in the heart of your guest. You don't necessary need to spend much but do much with much love.

5. A guest must never invite himself to the house of the host. You should be invited before coming, No matter how close or related you are to the host; don't just show up, wait to be invited or call to indirectly suggest to be invited lol. Inviting yourself is a shameful and aweful thing to do, and anything you see take it; you may see what you wouldn't like to see hmm lol, And you may be treated like an unwanted and uninvited guest. So, please make sure you are invited and don't show up uninvited.

6. A guest should place restrictions on himself even if the host says feel free it's just like your home. Hey!! It's not your home, you are just a guest and that's the actual fact. So, avoid touching personal items, don't take over the house like it's yours, don't go into the private quarters of the house on your own... It's a no no. Be a noble guest.

7. If you have a bad habit bottle it up, you have to be a good guest and let your host have a lasting good impression of your visit in his heart and you will be reinvited. Don't steal, don't smoke, don't talk too much, don't eat too much, don't get drunk, don't fight, don't be quarrelsome, don't bring out any of your bad habit and bad character, And remember to have a good table manner lol.

8. A guest must not show up with an uninvited guest. You are invited but don't bring another person along without the permission and knowledge of your host. You will be seen as a bad guest and it may complicate things for your host, because he prepared for few mouths and you came with more mouths to feed. Be reasonable and respect yourself please.

9. Dress appropriately and suitably. Dress code is very important for both the guest and the host. You don't have to wear a uniform, but dress appropriately and suitably.

10. Have fun and give fun. Both the guest and the host should endeavour to give each other fun and happiness. If you are not in a good mood you can call to postpone the date. The host can shift the date in agreement with the guest if one of you cannot make it for mood reason or for any reason, but don't feel obligated to show up on the scheduled date and come putting on a sad face with a boring attitude. You should be in a good mood to have fun and give fun, you can't give what you don't have and you can't receive what you're not ready for. So, you must be ready and in the mood before accepting and going for it.

Note: I am not perfect, don't slap yourself lol. I've made a lot of mistakes in the past, but I thank God I learnt from it and I am now able to teach and inspire others. (Share my post and give credit thanks). Stay tuned...

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