Dos & Don'ts For Moms


Moms are usually more soft in parenting, And they play a major role in parenting the child into adulthood. They carried the child in the womb for 9months, went through labour pain and delivery pain; so they are usually more emotionally attached to the child than the dad. If care is not taken that emotional attachment may lead to allowing the child to do whatever the child wants without scrutiny and correction. That's why moms has to go through some sort of training to know how to handle parenting and this my purpose of writing this. Since moms spends more time with their children than the dads do; moms need to be more careful and effectively prepared to handle the kids with not only love but also sound training.

1. Say No when necessary, Yes all the time damage the child's upbringing and future.

2. Teach your child how to great their elders, Including you the parents. They should greet in the morning when they wakeup, when you get back, even after meal let them say thank you. When they need something let them say please. Teach them courtesy and how to do little domestic work.

3. Bring up your kids in the way of the Lord. Teach them the word of God. Take them to Church. Let them pray before meal, before bedtime, and thank God every morning while committing the day in God's hands.

4. Teach them the value of money. They should not be allowed to waste food or other things money can buy. Let them know that some people have none, and they are privileged to have it and they have no right to waste it or spoil it.

5. Punish them when they do wrong and reward them when they do right or pass exams. So doing they will strife to do good all the time and be serious with their studies.

Note: Let your children live their ages, Not above their exact age or below it. Let them live their childhood and the various stages of their lives and learn. Making the live above their exact ages or below it will affect them psychologically and will negatively influence their social behavior in future. Don't do what you wouldn't want them to do. You ought to be a living example for your children to emulate. You ought to be their first role model. Inspire them positively.

Hope you are inspired by my article? Share to inspire others too and remember to give credit, Thanks.

Bible Reading: Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grow older he will not depart fro it. (Spare rod and the child will spoil).

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