Entertainment Gist: Actor Uche Odoputa Shares His Life Experience

Life is finally setting in for Handsome actor Uche Odoputa, the actor who always plays poor man in movies but played a comic rich man in the Njokus movie "Husbands In Lagos" where he gave an outstanding performance which caterputed his career to a whole new level recently gave an interview where he narrated his life experiences of how poor he was when he took to the offer of pushing drug, why he moved out and back to Nigeria, and how he was finally given a second chance in life. (Everyone deserves a second chance if they change to a better person) Welcome back...

 No need to watch the interview lol I have briefly given you the details and beside it was centered on his past drug life and all the questions was based on it. Rating the interview would be unnecessary because I don't want to offend anyone lol. I mean we don't get to see Uche all the time in the magazines and interviews, So the time you had interviewing him would have been better used to explore everything about him and not just centered on one topic. Beside, It would have been better for Uche not to speak on that past drug issue at all because many of us didn't know about that his dark part of life. Anyway, I thank God for giving him a second chance and thank the people he used e.g The Njokus of Iroko Tv... Well done Mrs Mary Remy Nkoju & Husband. You guys are great. If it was blogging industry they wouldn't have assist you to get back on your feet, I am talking from experience; my come back's success is exclusively God's doings for His Glory.

 NDLEA arrested Uche Odoputa in 2007 and in 2017 he has bounced back on his feet. Uche Odoputa who played Chief Livinus in the popular TV series, 'Husband of Lagos' is a happy man today and has waved his past mistake goodbye.

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