Shade Corner: Billionaire's Son Paddy Adenuga Says Girls Should Stop Disturbing Him For Marriage Because He Is Not Yet Ready For Marriage In The Next 10 - 12 Years. LOL.

Hahaha!! To be a son of A billionaire is not only a lucky thing but also a hectic thing as Billionaire telecommunications magnate, Mike Adenuga’s son Paddy Adenuga has publicly given out a serious warning to the shameless ladies sliding into his DM to harrass him with love messages. Lol.

Paddy wrote to the shameless ladies that he’s married to his job, and he doesn’t see himself in any married relationship with kids for the next ten to twelve years. OMG!!! That's too much Lol. You've heard from the horse's mouth girls.. Back off. Lol.

Read the screenshot of his twitter post below:

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