Heartrobber Of Peter Okoye's Heart, Lola Omotaya-Okoye , Shares Stunning Throw Back Pic + Inspiration Message!

Yesterday, Lola Omotayo-Okoye, wife of Psquare’s Peter Okoye took to her Instagram page to share a throwback photo accompanied with an inspiring message. The wife of the foremost Naija singer/dancer and mother of two said the photo was taken during her days in the university.

She look absolutely stunning. I think some people should go back to their old selves if it's this stunning lol.... Read her inspiring message below!

The stunning heartrobber of Peter's heart and director of an oil and gas company talked about the beauty trends in vogue then and now. She also talked about self acceptance and self love. Nice one Lola.

She wrote:
“#tbt many many years ago when skinny wasn’t considered sexy and I was called a toothpick…when full eyebrows were in as it is now but we have to pencil them in cause they stopped growing due to all the shaping and reshaping as we followed the trend. Growth and maturity sometimes kills our genetic inner beauty; that which makes us unique. Our life experience sometimes kills our innocence, but notwithstanding, we must continue to soldier on. We are all unique with or without our flaws. God created just one of me and one of you. So with that being said, I embrace the me of today and so should you. #circamanyyearsago #lollipop #unidays. #bighair #boldlips #thankful #tbt”

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