Human Error? See What Happened To This Man At ATM In Nigeria

So, Aside being in an economic mess in Nigeria the masses has to face the fear of being under paid at the ATM machines? What do we call this? A man paid 5Naira instead of 500Naira. This may sound hilarious to some but it's serious. On a second thought it could be a human mistake right? They need to be more careful and see to this that it never happen again.

Facebook user, Ayo Morgan Adeyemi was allegedly paid 5 naira note alongside 500 naira notes as he withdrew money from a GTB ATM. He took to Facebook to share what happened. Read what he share below:

Be Careful at ATM
My personal experience today, Thursday, 1st June,2017.
I used my card at a GTB ATM this morning to draw some cash and to my amazement, a N5 note was pushed out alongside N500 notes to make up my total drawn amount.I felt embarrassed seeing this and complained to the customer service / Manager. It was resolved after wasting my time to establish that it really happened.My advice, always check your cash before leaving ATM and once notice such, use your phone to snap it as an evidence.See attached pictures as mine evidence.

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