Internet Buzz: Entertainment Gist

Here's what some of our celebrities are upto lately that is making rounds online.

Actress Mary Uranta takes the internet by storm when she hinted her desire of becoming a prophetess in future. (Nice One Mary! Join my boat).

Dammy Krane arrested for credit card fraud and identity theft. Here he is posing with a private jet he used stolen credit card to hire. (Hmm oga "I must belong by force" Why the fake life my brother? Why not cut your coat according to your size? Serves you right lol learn from it).

Photo - Drammy Krane posing with the private jet

Susan Peter hosted a star-stormed birthday party for herself as she clocked plus one. Guess who people noticed was missing? Her white-husband. Guess what? They think something is wrong with her marriage. (Hmm people can't cease to amaze me... Can't the man travel on a business trip or busy with a tight schedule or something? Anyway, I hope they are not right. Suzy pls make your marriage work biko.

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