It's Evans Again.... The Most Dreaded Kidnap Kingpin Spills More...

Oh dear! I'm tired of this man (Evans) lol. Who else is tired of seeing his face on every blog? Smh. We are making a celebrity out of a monster. Very soon we will be reporting when he piss, shit, mess, and how he eats and sleeps in prison lol. Anyway, See the story below!

According to online report, Evans is not finding it easy in prison, and he is finding it very difficult to cope with the low level of Nigeria's prison life after living like a king in his many mansions acquired by people's sweat. It is reported that Evans broke down yesterday, lamenting the state of the police cell.

According to a source, he lamented that after making billions, owning gold, diamonds and living like a king, he finally ended up in a cell with poor suspects.

It is also reported that he told his interrogators he has two other detention camps in Lagos.

He also confessed that he started off as an armed robber in Sokoto State.

According to the source: “He has been weeping uncontrollably because he is in a cell with common poor criminals despite all the wealth and mansions he owned.

“He has started talking. He has given us locations of other detention camps he had in Lagos. Aside Igando, he had two others and detectives would visit the place. He also said that his very first robbery was in Sokoto State and that they killed the victim.

“He is still being interrogated and more details would come out after the camps have been visited.”

Meanwhile, The Nation learnt yesterday that Evans has been excommunicated from Nnewi for over five years because of the terror he unleashed on wealthy indigenes of the town.

It was also learnt that his second in command, Felix Chinemerem, a native of Amanagu in Abia State, was also declared wanted in 2014, after his criminal activities led to the killing of many innocent people.

It was learnt that Chinemerem took part in the kidnap of a prominent Nigerian, which prompted policemen to storm the community and allegedly shot randomly, killing villagers.

After the incident, the villagers were said to have moved to kill him but he fled and had not been seen since then.
from the nation newspaper.

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