Mercy Aigbe's Teenage Daughter Michelle Blasted By Social Bullies For Her Excessive Use Of Internet And Adult Stuff

Michelle, is a fashionista like her mom and she is also an internet lover like her mom too, The difference is that her mom is old enough to do whatever she wants with her life; while her daughter Michelle is still a teenager and at 15 she has an active instagram page, dress like an adult, do makeups and take excessive pics like her mom too. Now, I don't see anything wrong in it if it is genuine passion and if she's at least 18. I don't support internet bullying either, But at 15 and still a teenager she should be under the parenting guidance of her mom/parents. Is she not too young for all these overexposure to the outside world on the internet?

Pic: Mom & Daughter friendly bonding with same passion.

On May 30th, a video interview of superstar actress, Mercy Aigbe‘s daughter went viral.
In the video, Michelle stated she didn’t like cyber-bullying and sometimes ignored her comment section because of that.

The teenager also added she did not understand the constant hate thrown at her mother. Some of those comments on her page.
However, soon as the video got out and clips made their way around the internet, Nigerians reacted.
As expected, there are mixed reactions to Michelle’s cyber-bullying statement.

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