Fellow Christians, Why is it that we don't support ourselves? The Bible teaches us to do good to all especially to the household of faith (Believers). So why is it that you read my posts and click on my links read belle full and come out without sharing it? But if it was some worldly bloggers you will share it 100times lol. Not that it affects me, It don't because I've got a good number of readers and I'm making my money, but it hurts to see people you share the Word of God with generously not supporting you but playing smart. Ride on... The end will tell. I have no time querying unbelievers, but scrutinizing my own Jesus Blooded Believers. Anyway, as from now any hand that share and promote my stuffs/posts/links will never go dry but will grow from strength to strength, from Grace to Grace, From Glory to Glory I decree this as the prophetess of the Most High God In Jesus Mighty Name!!!

#correction #scrutiny #peaceandlove

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