A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hello Maryjane,

I proposed marriage to him and he fled,Why? I know you are a moralist and you might condemn me for proposing to him, But I still want to know your opinion on this issue. I read your blog daily, And to be honest it crack me up, you are so blunt and I like that. I want to know your opinion about what I did. Why can't a girl propose marriage to a man? Why not?

My Reply - Right from the beginning till now and forever men are in the rightful position to propose marriage to women. So it is, so it has been, and so it will remain. Don't ever make the mistake of proposing any man again. It scares them away; they see such ladies as desperate, Loosed, Cheap, And in some cases gold-diggers. So please respect yourself and wait for a man to propose to you. If you are tired; you can take a bold walk of dignity out of his life, And move to the one that is serious and ready.

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