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Dear Maryjane

My man left me two weeks before our big wedding, because he found out that I had a baby when I was younger. The baby is grown up now; She is 12 and she calls me anty not mummy, that's why he didn't find out before now. I can't tell who revealed this secret to him, but I suspect my friend, and she is denying it. We had a fight before he found out, So I fought her afterwards based on my suspicion that she may have revealed it to him because of our previous fight. My problem now is how to get my man back. Please help me, I need your advice.

My Reply: Some women sha! Ah why did you hide such an important part of your life from him? What you did was wrong. You should have told him, He deserves to know as your husband to be, If he truely loves you he will stay. I believe his anger is not about you having a child, His anger is because you kept it a secret from him. Right now he may not trust you enough to make you his wife. Give him time to heal and get over it. Don't blame your friend for your mess even if she snitched on you because you caused it by keeping it secret from your man, So you indirectly gave her something to use against you. Nevertheless, What she did was wrong if she did it. Forgive her, make peace with her, but run from such a friend if she was behind it. Pray for your relationship and try to fix it with your man. Goodluck!

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