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Hi MJ,

I got infected with an incurable sexually transmited disease through a one night stand. I don't know how to tell my wife, And she has been disturbing me to make love to her for the past 6months now. I don't want to give her the disease that's my reason of not making love to her, But she has threatened to leave me if I keep refusing her sex. Please what should I do?

My Reply-  Hmm!! That's a tough one. So, you have a wife with such high appetite for sex and you still went out to get infected? By the way, What's the name of your STD? Some are curable except you're infected with HIV/AIDS. Anyway, The best thing to do is to tell her. She is your wife and the vow is for better for worse. If she can forgive you this she can forgive you anything. I wonder what's wrong with some men; Why did you go for a one night stand without a condom? Why did you even go for it at all? SMH. How can you even think of cheating on the one you love? SMH. Open up to your wife and tell her the truth.

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