A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi MJ,

My heart is deeply hurt and broken. I caught my girlfriend cheating on me with a richer guy. I couldn't bear the pain, So I broke up with her and stopped picking her calls and I even blocked her on social networks. Unfortunately for me, I am still thinking about her, And the most painful thing is that; I am still in LOVE with her and I can't control it. She hasn't come to apologize to me yet, I wish she find a way to get in touch with me; I am ready now to forgive her and take her back, though I am still in pains. I truly love her and I can't do without her. I want to make a move to reconcile with her, But I am ashamed to be the one to make the first move of reconciliation and peace. Please I need your candid advise. What would you have done if you were in my shoes? Thanks for your time.

My Reply: If I were in your shoes I won't settle for an unrepentant cheat that hasn't come to apologize to you through any other way possible. She is not remorseful. Forgive her but don't go back until she come and apologize to you sincerely. Nevertheless, Love covers all wrongs, And love keeps no record of wrong doing - Says GOD's Word. So forgive her and go for her if you really truly love her and can't do with her for real. Goodluck!

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