A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Dear MJ,

I am impotent and can't get a woman pregnant. I have tried all medical solutions to no avail. My family knows nothing about my situation and they are forcing me to get married. I am the first and only son, I must get married and have children, but my condition won't allow me. Based on the too much pressure to get married from my family, I have proposed to marry a chior mistress in my church, but I have not told her about my condition. We have not made love, As Christains we are waiting for our wedding night, and I'm scared she will find out that day; because apart from being impotent, my dick doesn't stand at all no matter what and no matter who. What should I do?

My Reply - Sorry about your situation, Since you've tried all medical means to solve it and all to no avail; Try JESUS, because JESUS never fails. Tell your wife-to-be about your situation. it is better you inform her. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. If you decieve her to marry you with your condition, Can you also decieve her to stay in the marriage? No, So tell her. If she truely loves you she won't leave you, She will stay with you to fight and win this battle. Don't give up, GOD is able!

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