Names Of Whistleblowers Which Led To The Fall Of Evans Splashed All Over The Place Like Guguru & Groundnut

 What? Names of whistleblowers on Evans announced to the public? How about protecting that sacred info for the safety of the whistleblowers? Well, since it's all over the place; let me carry the news to update you. I'm tired Of Evans this and Evans that...Lol. We need fresh news. Who else want to know about other dreaded criminals in other department in Nigeria e.g Highway Robbers, House Bursting Robbers, Cultist, Ritualists, E.t.c. We've had enough of his Kidnap case, We want to know how others operate it will be an eye opener just as Evans case was but now over-whipped...Lol. Anyway, For now continue reading about Evans...Lol. Here are the names of the alledged or rather confirmed whistleblowers: Ngozi, Amaka, Ijeoma are said to be among the long list of his girlfriends who leaked the info that led to his arrest to the Authorities. This news is incomplete without their pictures; so those sharing the names online pls give us their pics lol.

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