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1. Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, was seen buying fuel from black marketers in Ado Ekiti. This came after the stater's petroleum marketers had embarked on a three-week industrial action which they called off on Sunday.

2. Federal Government says social values have disintegrated, adding that Nigerian youths have embraced same sex marriage. The government said some youths had even staged a protest before the National Assembly for the repeal of the Same Sex Marriage (prohibition) Act which prescribes a 14-year jail term for anyone who enters into a gay marriage.

The Director-General of the National Orientation Agency, Dr. Garba Abari, said this during a programme titled, ‘Anti-Corruption: The Role of Media as Change Agents’ in Abuja.

The programme was organised by the Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria.

The NOA boss also urged youths to stop wearing dreadlocks hairstyle and saggy trousers.

He said,
“It is pertinent to note that the advent of satellite broadcasting has continued to pose a serious challenge to our traditional culture and religious values and our identity as a people.  Our youths are now being deceived by the international media with values that are at variance with our culture and the teachings of our religion.
“The wearing of tattoos, dreadlocks hairstyle, sagging trousers and the painting of hair have become a vogue among our young men and women.
“Our youths are now publicly clamouring for the legalisation of gay marriage and are about to boldly take the campaign to the hallowed chambers of the National Assembly to press for it as a fundamental human right.”

Abari urged the media to continue to lead the way in the process of nationhood.

3. Kidnappers move Lagos pupils to Niger Delta creek following parents failure to pay N2m each

The six abducted Lagos State Model College pupils might have again been moved by their kidnappers.

It was learnt that they might have been moved to a creek in Niger Delta, following their parents alleged failure to pay the N2million ransom demanded on each child.

But the kidnappers were said to have failed to show up yesterday to collect a N2million ransom allegedly taken to a designated spot in Odogunyan, Ikorodu.

4. Russian man mocked for not serving in army kills nine

A man allegedly shot and killed nine people after he was mocked for not being a “real man” because he had failed to serve in the Russian army.

Police have arrested Sergey Yegorov, 45, suspected of murdering five men and four women in a drunken rage during a house party in the Tver region.

5. Bullet passes through sucidal man's head,kills girlfriend

An Alaska man who tried to kill himself is accused of second-degree murder after prosecutors say a bullet passed through his head and took the life of his girlfriend.

Victor Sibson and Brittany-Mae Haag were hospitalized after the April 19 shooting at the couple's Anchorage apartment. Haag died the same day, but Sibson survived his self-inflicted wound.

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