News Corner: Just The News... Picture It In Reading!

1. Breaking News: 3 People Declared Dead As Boat Sinks In Colombia.

At least three people died when a passenger boat sank on a reservoir in north-western Colombia, police say.

Dozens of people are missing after the four-deck vessel went down near the tourist town of Guatapé, 45km (28 miles) east of Medellín on Sunday.
There were about 150 people board. The boat sank in less than five minutes, eyewitness says.

Leisure boats quickly came to the rescue, hauling victims from the water and the top deck of the vessel. An air force helicopter has been sent to the area to assess the situation.

2. Terror:  Shark attacks threaten Reunion Island tourist trade.

The Indian Ocean island of Reunion may not have the same tourist pull as its close neighbour Mauritius but still attracts thousands of visitors every year. Yet shark attacks have forced the authorities to swimming and surfing on most of the island's beaches, which has seriously affected on local businesses.

3. Weather:  Unsual Hot Temperature Storms UK.

Blue skies and hot sunshine have continued into the working week after temperatures peaked at 32C (91F) in London, beating Sunday's hot weather. Overnight, it was hotter in parts of the UK than it was in Istanbul during the day. The mercury hit 24C (75C) at midnight at London City Airport - hotter than in the Turkish city where temperatures stayed below 21C (70F).

4. Refuge:  Uganda's lesson in how to treat refugees.

Uganda took in more refugees than any other country. mostly fleeing the conflict in South Sudan - and has been praised for its open-door policy. It is hosting a donor conference to raise more funds to look after them.

5. Architecture: London's temporary African-inspired architecture.

Born in Gando in Burkino Faso, Diebedo Francis Kere is the 17th architect to accept the Serpentine Galleries' annual invitation to design a temporary pavilion in its grounds in London's Hyde Park. Diebedo was the first boy in his village to go to school and attributes much of his success to his access to education.

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