News Focus: African footballers Are More Likely To Die On The Pitch Than Their White Counterpart - According To New Survey

A new survey has surfaced which is suggesting that African footballers ought to be more careful or less used because they are most likely vulnerable to die on the pitch than their white counterpart. This surfaced after the sad departure of Ivorian Football player Cheik Tiote who collapsed and died on the field while training. Goodbye Cheik R.I.P.

The analysis suggests that 26 of the 64 players who have died in the last 10 years are from African countries. That is nearly 40%. Fifa, football's world governing body, estimates that there are about 265 million people playing in recognised teams around the world. Around 17% of those are playing in Africa. That is not an ideal measure as many African players are in leagues in other continents. But it is a useful benchmark. Therefore, while Africans make up 17% of the world's footballers they account for nearly 40% of the known deaths. Overall, the biggest cause of death of footballers on the pitch was sudden cardiac death and this was particularly true for African players, as 25 of the 26 died from this cause.

Could African players really be more susceptible to sudden cardiac death?

Professor of cardiology Sanjay Sharma told the BBC that evidence from the US shows that sudden cardiac death amongst black basketball players is around three times more common than for white players.

The recent death of Ivorian footballer Cheick Tiote on the pitch brought an outpouring of sadness in the world of football. This left us asking if there is any evidence to suggest that African players are more likely to die on the pitch than other players, writes Jordan Dunbar.

In the past few years there have been a number of players who have died while playing football.

Perhaps the most high profile incidents involved two African players; Cameroonian Marc Vivien Foe, who died during a game, and Congolese Fabrice Muamba, who had a cardiac arrest on the pitch but survived.

There is no official register of people who have died playing football. So instead we have used a list from Wikipedia as, though not ideal, it is the most complete we could find.

And we are looking at people who died playing the game, that is either in training or during a match

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