News Focus: Nigeria's Security Plan For Eid Muslim Holliday

Nigeria's Government in conjunction with its state security agency has put up plans together to guard at least 4 Northern regions in Nigeria during the Eid Muslim Holliday against terrorist attack. Since it is inevitable not to get a possible attack in one or more of the Northern regions, The Government and its state security agency has planned ahead of time.

Nigeria's state security agency said they have foiled plans by militants to detonate explosives in four northern cities during Eid.

The Department of State Services (DSS) said the attacks were planned in Kano, Sokoto, Kaduna and Maiduguri during the June 26 and 27 public holidays to celebrate Eid, which marks the end of Islam's holy month of Ramadan.

They said they had arrested three suspects and seized weapons including eight assault rifles, 27 hand grenades and live ammunition.

The statement said: "Their aim was to hit on soft targets such as markets, public parks, public processions, recreation centres, as well as worship centres especially the Eid praying grounds and other densely populated areas".

The DSS did not say who they thought was behind the plans.

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