OMG!!! Unbelievable... A Lady Proposed Marriage Openly To Her Man In Public...LOL. See People's Mixed Reaction Over Her Proposal To Her Man Below!

Only instagram new generation babes are capable of this Lol... OMG!! I can't deal... LMBO.

Congrats o... It would have been more romantic if he did it lol.

A Popular Instagram Edo Based Comedian, Esohe, shared this photo of herself where she popped the "Will you marry me' question to her boo. Bucci Franklin, an actor.

She captioned the pic " About last night. Not every time wait for babe to propose. Sometimes take the bull by the horn. I was so nervous but HE SAID YES! "

While some sent in congratulatory messages to her, many Nigerians criticized her action and described her as desperate.

A Guy wrote "I am a man and I do not believe in this at all! If she felt that he was taking too long to propose then how about a discussion with him... if he still didn't get with the program, ladies need to learn how to move on. I am sickened by this... A woman on one knee asking for a man's hand in marriage is repulsive!!!!! No wonder why men of this generation are turning into bitches! A real man knows if he wants to make you his wife sometimes on your first date, or first couple of dates. In other words, he knows in the beginning of your courtship. If he tells you any differently he is bullshitting you! Women learn how to value yourself more, and know that you deserve a man who will do this for you, because he's in love with you, it is not the other way around. If you don't agree with my post, I don't give a damn... just keep your ass out of my message center and make room for the ones who do.... I don't want or need to hear from you and I definitely don't need your confirmations nor approvals!!!!!"

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