African Pastors In Europe Stop Collecting Polluted Offerings/Titthes!!!

Dear African Pastors In Europe, Stop collecting polluted offerings/titthes. We all know what majority of African people in Europe do for a living and how they make their money; through prostitution, 419, drug pushing, and many more bad sources. God doesn't accept polutted offerings/titthes. This is a wake up call coming to you. Preach the Gospel of Truth, Salvation, And Righteousness on the pulpits for them to change their ways, And stop preaching sweet nothings into their ears that can't save their souls.

It's high time these Europe pastors stop emphasizing on "Blessing Sermons" since the monies are coming from the wrong ways, And start emphasizing on Salvation and Righteousness. Of course, if they preach Salvation & Righteousness the congregations will disappear because most of them are into the wrong sources of livelihood.

The truth must be told and it should start from the pulpit. It's high time there be deliverance ministries in Europe, So that people don't have to travel all the way from Europe to Nigeria for deliverance or to seek help where there is no help.

It's not true that surviving in Europe must be through bad sources; A lot of them chose those bad ways because of greed and quick success, but the end of it will be destruction. The Word Of God says There is a way that seems right to a man but the end thereof is destruction.

As for the pastors that knows the TRUTH, but cover it up and keep collecting polluted offerings/tithes; God's judgement and punishment awaits you if you don't repent. The WORD Of GOD says Judgement begins in the HOUSE Of GOD.

A word is enough for the wise. I have spoken as God's watchgirl and as someone who see these things happen in Europe. It's so sickening and I pray for a radical change.

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