Shade Corner: Throwing Shade On Bloggers!!!

Every worker have a rest day, Even God rested on the seventh day, So bloggers when is your rest day????? There is a difference between a workaholic and a workaddict... Too much of everything is bad... When something takes the first position in your life it becomes your god/idol.

Yes!! I do post on sunday but very slowly because God is my priority, I spend time with loved ones, and I unwind and rest a bit on sunday. Sunday is supposed to be a rest day or slow day and above all God's day, But not for bloggers... I mean who is chasing you???? Take it easy please!!! Lol. Life is worth living not only working. Moreover, Sunday is a day to spend time with family/loved ones.. I guess that's not in your dictionaries...Lol. I mean no harm... Just that excessive posts on Sunday is intolerable. Please, you won't lose your readers to anyone if you keep it slow on Sunday... Lol. I know it is your business, but I feel the need to interfere because bloggers are supposed to be role models; Youths read blogs more than they read book, So don't give them the impression of not going to Church and still popping it. Let them know God is your lifter and your priority, Not them. God first... God over everything.. You're nothing without God. No offence.. Peace & Love💕💜💙💙💚💕💕💖

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