The Abuser & The Abused

Case Study About Violence & Abuse

Majority of people has been in one form of abuse or the other; Knowingly or unkowingly, But either didn't acknowledged it as abuse or refused to admit it. The first stage of solving a problem is acknowledgement and admittance. As I unvail to you the various types of violence & abuse you will have the knowledge of the form of violence & abuse you've been through and how to deal with it. The abused shouldn't be ashamed to admit and expose an abuse, And the abused shouldn't fear to expose the abuser. Silence in violence is a killer.

Mind Of The Abuser:

1. Reliving abusive childhood
2. Insecurity
3. Violent Mindset
4. Low Self-Esteem
5. Derives Pleasure In Abusing
6. Feels Better To Scar The Abuser And Bring The Abuser Under Control
7. Jealousy and possessiveness
8. Monstrous Behaviorism
9. Wickedness and heartlessness
10. Lack Of The Fear Of GOD

Mind Of The Abused:

1. Fear
2. Weakness
3. Inability To Stand Up For His/Her Right
4. Insecurity
5. Low Self-Esteem
6. Desperation
7. Clingy Syndrome And Strange Emotional Attachment
8. Lack Of Self-Value And Lack Of Self-Worth
9. Fearfulness
10. Sick Mindset Of Tolerating Abuse And Feeling Loved When Being Hurt.

Excuse Of Abusers:  1. Excuse of blaming the abused to have caused it or provoked it to happen, 2. Exuse of having a hot temper, 3. Excuse of having a bad day e.t.c.

Why Abusers Stay: 1. Because of  sick love and strange emotional attachment of the abused towards the abuser. 2. Desperation. 3. social misjudgment. 4. Foolish love. 5. Because of  the sorry "it will never happen again statement from the abuser after the abuse". 3. Because the abused is hoping for a change in the abuser's character, mindset, and personality; that may never happen Or may take so long to happen.

Various Types Of Abuse:

1. Emotional Abuse- This is a type of abuse whereby the abuser emotionally suffer or drain the abused with unloving behaviours and uncaring ways.

2. Pyschological Abuse- This is a type of abuse whereby the abuser verbally make the abused think less of self and may lead to sucide attempt of the abused. This have to do with the mind, and playing with the mind of the abused, E.g offensive and insulting words, verbal manipulative torture, and even a non verbal psychological abuse like "the silent treatment" can be very hurtful, harmful, and abusive. Bullying is a pyschological abuse, Racial preference and discrimination is a pyschological abuse, offensive and insulting words are psychological abuse, and silent treatment is a psychological abuse, E.t.c.

3. Violent/Aggresive/Physical Abuse- This is a type of abuse whereby the abuser is physically brutal, aggressive, violent, and wickedly beats the abused and inflicts wounds/injuries on the abused. Beating/hitting someone is violence, Rape is an abuse, Relationship and marital aggression from one or both partners is a domestic violence; They are all abuse & violence.

4. Spiritual Abuse- This is a type of abuse that is caused by satan the devil and the demons/evil spirits. This is a type of abused whereby the abused is being spiritually raped or sexed in the dream by unknown person "a demon" devil sent.

5. Self Abuse- This is a type of abuse whereby the abused is also the abuser. This kind of abuse includes: Self-Torture, Self-Depreciation, Self-Injury, Self-Insults, Self-Devaluation, Self-Starvation, Sucide Attempt, And Self-Destruction.

How To Deal With Voilence & Abuse:

1. Get your head and mind cleansed, And understand that whoever abuses you doesn't love you.

2. Learn to Love yourself; If you love yourself you won't stay and allow anyone to abuse you, And you won't abuse yourself.

3. Report every physical voilent aggressive abuse to the authorites, E.g police, Also to good friends and family.

4. Every abused should seek for professional help to get over it, And above that; PRAY And Seek GOD's Help.

5. Run for your life. Preserve And Secure Your Life.

Note: The abused shouldn't be ashamed to admit the abuse, And the abused shouldn't fear to expose the abuser. Silence in violence is a killer.

I hope this my article has given you knowledge share the knowledge with others. Knowledge is power.

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