The Good Wife: Wife Not Slave.

Hello MJBERS! Goodmorning y'all. Dear wives, Always remind yourself that you are a wife, Not a slave. A good wife is not a wife who bears the unbearable, who endures the unendurable, and who tolerates the intolerable, But a good wife is a wife who brings the best out of her husband. A good wife is the "Biblical Virtuous Woman". A good wife prays, help, and support her husband to become the best man. If you love him correct him with love, Don't tolerate his excesses. If you talk and he doesn't listen; Apply action, Action speaks louder than voice. Every man is a little baby inside, If you let them always have it their way they will overdo things and ruin everything.

1. He is head not boss. He has the right over your body that's why you owe him faithfulness, But he has no right over your life. There is great difference between the body and life. You have the right to have a dream, career, and profession; it's your life and choice.

2. Manner Of Approach. If he wasn't taught that from his upbringing you can teach him. Don't tolerate being talk to like a slave even in public.

3. Not all men cheat. Some men are faithful to the core". Don't tolerate a cheating partner. (STD IS REAL). If he cheat on you during the relationship he will cheat on you during marriage.

4. Don't be his sex slave. He don't play with you during the day but at night when he is hungry for sex he climbs you to devour you like a hungry lion with no preliminary like kissing, romance, foreplay e.t.c.

5. One Slap, Jail Term. Don't tolorate domestic violence. Don't spare him, Report him. No man have the right to hit you, slap you, punch you. You are not a punching bag.
6. Cooking Is Not Compulsory. If you're tired or sick, Take a break. He knows his way to the kitchen he can help you sometimes; you are his wife not slave.

7. Stand Your Ground. Refuse to suffer slavery and die as a servant under severe torture in the hands of a so-called husband in the name of marriage.

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