We Suspect Foul Play "CAN Says" Of House Of Rock Church That Gut Fire!!!

Hmm! I'm I the only one wondering why it is only in Nigeria! And only the big Churches in Nigeria that either collapse or catch fire for flimsy reasons? Could it be negligence? Evil attack? Physical attack? Or ritual fulfilment? I don't know oh. In the meantime, let me go and find one small Church attend anytime I'm in Nigeria because I can't risk my life in one big Church; since they are either catching fire or collapsing unexplainably. I no fit shout. There is something fishy? Read below!

The Christian Association of Nigeria said that it believed the fire incident at House on the Rock church in Abuja was a case of sabotage as in foul play. Hmm!!

The National President of the Youth Wing of the association, David Kadzai, in an interview with Punch said it the body is suspicious that the incident took place on a Sunday, adding that “saboteurs must have thought of unleashing a blow on the church members.”

From what we have gathered so far, it is clear that renovation work was ongoing in the church but there was no work on the site on that Sunday when the incident occurred. Also, there was no trace of any electrical fault before now. But suddenly people discovered the fire and they couldn’t tell what was the cause.

The question we are asking now is, why the fire on a Sunday? Having assessed the situation, I am meant to say that we suspect some form of foul play because this incident happened on a Sunday when the saboteurs must have thought of unleashing a blow on the church members.

There are people who are sabotaging the efforts of the church in Nigeria. These persons are saboteurs and perhaps they may be ones who are culpable in this incident. There have been some orchestrated attacks on churches in Nigeria, whether it is this one or not.

This comes after the Senior Pastor of House on the Rock Paul Adefarasin on Twitter thanked authorities for swift response in putting out the fire, and said the root cause of the incident was being investigated.

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