What Lead People To Prostitution & How To Break Free!!!

Needless to say that prostitution is the oldest trade that is traceable to Bible records. The fact that it can pay the bills doesn't make it a job. So, if you are a prostitute and you say you are going to work correct yourself with a slap. You need deliverance.

What Lead People To Prostitution:

1. Spiritual: evil spirits are involved and traceable to the act and practice of prostitution. The reason why many prostitutes can't break free on their own is because evil spirits are involved, And they need God's deliverance to break free.

2. Poverty: Majority of prostitutes are either poor or from a poor background, but it is not an excuse. Once you are in to come out is hard or impossible with God. So, don't settle for prostitution inspire of your desperation. Explore other options not prostitutions. There are decent jobs or trades you can start small and grow big e.g blogging or petty-trade.

3. Greed: Some big girls even involve themselves in this old trade "Prostitution". Some high society girls whose parents are rich or who have a career in entertainment and other industry including students indulge in the trade. Some fly as far as from Nigeria to Dubai or other foreign countries to sell their bodies and come back home to pose on instagram as instagram big girls. Do not be carried away, all that glitter is not gold.

4. Pimped: Some of them are been pimped and tricked by their lovers with fake love and led into the trade with sweet talks. Listen, Any man that send you into prostitution to make money and still claim to love you and spend the money with you; does not love you. You're been pumped by the pimp. This kind of thing is common among Nigerians based in Europe.

5. Forced Prostitution: Some people does not go into the trade willingly. Some are forced to do it. Forced to pay huge amount. Forced to remain under the bondage till that huge amount is paid. These are the people to pity because they hate the trade but they're forced to pity. Every developed country should endeavour to help such people and they do in Europe and other developed countries, I don't know about Nigeria.

How To Break Free:

1. It is an evilspirit, So you need fastings, prayers, and more of the word of God. Only God can deliver you.

2. Willingness, you need to be willing to stop.

3. Don't be greedy, Forget about the fast money and easy money you can make through prostitution. Be content and satisfy with what you have as long as it is pure. Don't be greedy, money gotten from prostitution comes with evil spirits, is from the devil, and will cause you more damage than good.

I hope you're inspired by my article. Share to others too and give credit thanks!

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