Where Your Strength Lies: Your Selling Point.

So many people know their passion, likes and dislikes, but not many people are aware of their strength and how they can use it to their advantage. O yes that's a bestselling trick right there... Know your strength and use it as your selling point.

What can you really do that gets people talking? What do you have that turns heads your way? In my own case it's my opinion....!!! I don't know why I got it going for me even when I was a kid lol, But I believe it's a gift from God. Whenever I give my opinion through write-ups or speech it turns into gold and captures the focus of all. What is yours?

What is the favourite part of your body? What's the part that everyone usually compliments in you? That's your selling point... And hey I don't mean sell your body by turning into a prostitute NO! I mean enhance it, make it look better, carry it with decency, and use it to your advantage towards your partner or audience.

What about your culture and beliefs? It could be a selling point in your industry just like Bollywood movies markets India's culture to the world; that's their major selling point. What's yours? Mine is my belief in God Almighty and my opinion based on it.

Strength also lies in disability, there could be ability in disability; be it physical or financial disability. There must be something about you that you can turn into your selling point and use to your advantage. God blessed us all with various gifts/talents.

There are lots more we can talk about on this subject, but let me stop here while you ponder on the topic. Find your strength and use it as your selling point to your advantage. Selling points doesn't necessarily have to fetch you money and matrial things but it will certainly get you satisfaction and fulfillment.

If this my article has inspired you, Share to inspire others too and remember to give credit. God bless you.

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