Word For Today!

Ship Of Life: DestinyShip!
This is not the time to play around dead and unprofitable elements. It's not a time to remain with fruitless and draining elements. It's not a time to stay put in unhappiness and hurts. This is not the time to say "I am ashamed or afraid to do it" You've got to do what you got to do for you. If you ain't feeling good you can't be productive and fruitful in every area of your life. Let go and let God. Let everyone and anything sailing with you bring joy, hope, and blessing to you! E.g: friendship, relationship, courtship, partnership, fellowship, maritalship! whatever ship of life you're in; check the people in it with you, if they don't act like they're part of your destinyship; Just crop them off and sail off. Don't waste time anymore for time waits for nobody. Nevertheless, Use God's timetable for you, For God makes everything beautiful in His time!!!

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