Beyonce & Kim Kardashian In A Rift? See Why!!!

According to new reports, Multiple award winning singer and neo mom Beyonce, is said to have given out the expensive gifts Kim bought for her kids without wearing her kids the items even once.

According to MSN, the 35-year-old mum of 3,  is rumoured to have rejected gifts sent by Kim Kardashian to her twins, giving them away to hospital staff instead.

A source who spoke with Heat magazine, said:
“Kim sent one of her KKW contouring kits, in a gold box, worth $150,000.
“She thought that, because they weren’t even out yet, Bey would love it.
“She also sent about $10,000 worth of clothes for BeyoncĂ©’s older child, Blue Ivy, from her and Kanye’s sold-out children’s fashion line, while she also had some pieces specially tailored for the infants.”
“Bey gave them to the nurses in the hospital for their kids.”
“It looks like a bit of a snub from the mother-of-three, but a kind gesture all the same to give the loot away to the nurses,” someone had reflected. #speechless!

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