Businesses You Can Start Without Capital.

The day to day deteriorating economy condition in the world have made it difficult for many people to raise capital for starting business ventures. As such, many have opted to operate small businesses that can be carried out at the comfort of their dwelling places. This discourse, therefore, seeks to discuss different ventures that can be started with little or no capital at all.

Blogging for example is a good business you can start without capital. Why not try it out if you have the passion for writing and reporting. There is money in passion, the passion keeps you going even in the storms till it starts generating income.

Consultancy services are one of the business ventures that you can start without thinking of money. Some of these consultancy services include marriage, legal, educational and property consultancy. Here, you do not need any capital to start. You only need to posses the relevant professional skills for any of the above fields. Your immediate pool of clients should be your family and friends whom you can reach easily through mobile phones or even email correspondences.

Another business venture you can start without capital is cleaning services. In this regard, you may decide to venture to the dwelling places or even offices. House cleaning services are always on high demand in many homesteads. You can do this by charging a small fee for the work done. Similarly, you can establish contact with a friend who own offices for cleaning of their carpets, polishing and dusting of their office furniture at a small pay. You may as well decide to hire one or two people to help you in these tasks as your business grows.

You can turn your passion and love for kids into a business idea. This can easily work if you already have your own children and you do not mind helping other parents around your neighborhood in raising their kids by turning your home into a day care. This normally works most to the working class who are ever busy at work and do not have time to raise their children. You can convert one of your unoccupied bedrooms if you live in a big apartment into a baby care facility and spread the word around to your neighbours.

Another business that you can start without capital is hair styling and beauty salon. This however requires prior training and experience for you to enjoy its returns. You need not have to own premises; you can talk to a friend who owns a salon to create space for your barber shop services and vice versa.  Also, some clients do prefer mobile hair stylists who can work come and work at the comfort of their homes.

 You can also turn your passion for reading and writing into a business venture. One way of doing this is by offering proof reading services to prominent writers on part time basis. Similarly, you can also advertise your articles and stories on different topics to media houses and get them published, consequently earning a considerable amount of income.

Creativity in organizing events or parties is also a business venture that requires no capital to start. This can be done by liaising with club owners or social halls’ owners in advance then providing good music and charging people reasonable entrance fee. Depending on the agreement between yourself and the owner of the premises, you may end up not paying any fee while the club owner keeps all the money made from the sale of food and drinks during the event.

House Teaching is also a good business you can start without capital. Why not set up a room for after-school lesson in your home or go house to house to teach kids after school; Before you know it you will start employing hands to join you in attending to all your clients/pupils in different zones.

Script/Project writer: Sell your ideas and stories to make cool cash, This is a very good business and you don't need capital to start it.

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