Chit-Chat: Take A Deep Breath, Take Time Off, Explore And Enjoy Life!!!

Learn to pause, slow down, and enjoy life. If you make all that money and get all that fame, But create no time for yourself to enjoy the fruits of your labour because you are continually on the move chasing vanity; what's the essence? It's completely vain.

Life is like a burning wood, If you don't make use of the fire while the wood is burning it will burn off to ashes. Life is a personal thing and not a group competition. Why the hustle to outdo one another? Why the reckless paper-chase? Why the long pauseless working hours even on weekends? Before you know it you will be left behind the real pleasures of life like spending time with loved ones, building a great family, taking time out for yourself, pampering yourself, vacation and relax.

The reason why I don't like to be solely an entertainment blogger is the way they post frequently like they are chasing something or something is chasing them Lol, With all due respect; I see that as competition among yourselves and not hardwork. Some of you don't even have a life outside of being glued to your PC 24/7. Life is too beautiful to waste chasing vain things like competing for who's best, who post more, who make more money, who got more comments, who got my readers and so on and so forth. Like Seriously? Who cares? I don't.

I describe my blog as "Generic" because I talk entertainment, fashion, inspiration, lifestyle and more. I describe my way of posting as "Relaxed Method" because I do it with tranquility, I only post whenever I have something worth posting and not an every minute posting like I am in a marathon competition with the others who post every minute Lol. I know how to pause, relax, and enjoy life. I work hard and play harder, I don't work my ass off (For lack of the right word) I explore and enjoy life... And Hey It's not unseriousness nor laziness it's simply balancing my activities and my priority in order to create sufficient space to explore and enjoy life. I'm just enjoying life and not allowing life wear me out. You should do the same to live a care-free and long life. Living life without pause or relax is stressful and stress deduct lifespan. Take a deep breath, Take time off, Explore And enjoy life!!!

If you are inspired by this my article, Share to others too. Remember to give credit. God bless you.

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