Fashion Corner: Just Fashion & Style... All About Fashion & Style!

1. Current Miss Kogi State Ambassador Jameela Abdulkareem, slaying in new photoshoot. I love this look it promotes decency and style compared to what other "Miss Whatever" put out there. Check out the details! Just a slash of green and stylish headwrap. Lovely!

2. Osas Ajibade slaying at Golden Movie Awards in a very cool and rarely used colour. Check out the details on this lovely dress. Neckline details, Wasteline details, Triangle details below are all on fleek!

3. This is how you SLAY as an African couple from the West (Nigeria). Ubi Franklin & Lillian Esoro stepped out with their son to Church in this lovely all white ensemble with a piece of blue to match up the look. Family Goal. Lovely family!

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