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I'm here to cover how celebrities dressed to Omotola's movie premiere "The Alter Ego" which debuted last night with stars like Stephanie Linus, Rita Dominic and others in attendance. This is a complimentary post as well as a critiquing post lol... Of course yes! It's my commentary of the fashion aspect of the event guys.

So, About last night... Omotola's appearance was stunning. I'll say very suitable for the star of the event. Common, this is her first movie appearance in 3years years; so I'd use the word "Special Guest Appearance" kudos OmoT your outfit was lit 🔥

Stephanie look great, I love her ear piece matching with her lippie. But I'm not digging her outfit though. It's a nice outfit but sort of too simple and off site for the special event. Besides, She has added some weight and that outfit didn't flatter her at all, it exposed her arms and made her look fatter. Too bogus and just not doing it for me. I don't get the style and it didn't suit her figure it made her look too laid back beside the diva-presence of Omosexy. Love Stephen though.. Very classy and calm if I may add.

I am not digging Captain's outfit. Omotola hire a stylist for your husband o lol.

Rita Dominic, disappointed me with her outfit to the event. Very unlike her. She didn't slayed as usual but fell short of my expectations of her lol. I was looking forward to see her beat them all hands down with her superlative fashion sense.

TBOSS Of BBNaija, She's quite a fashionista and she slayed, but the high slit tigh was a lil bit too much and shows she just needed the attention on her side lol.

Hope you enjoyed reading! See you on the next post.

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