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Food Recipe Of The Day: Ofada Rice & Ofada Stew. Originally from Nigeria. The colour of the rice and stew is darker than the normal one everyone is used to. Try it out.

How to  prepare Ofada Stew

  1. Wash and blend the peppers and the onion. Remember to remove the seeds from the green tatashe or the green bell peppers.
  2. Grind the crayfish and the locust bean seasoning with a dry mill.
Ofada stew is tasty and delicious, Though it may not be as attractive as red stew in appearance.

How to prepare Ofada rice

1. Wash and rinse thoroughly with water twice till property clean.

2. Cook till done.

Ofada Rice, also known as brown rice, is a local, Nigerian unpolished rice which is non-modified. It is short, robust and brown rice

Enjoy your meal...

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