Love Matter!

Do you really know the person you are dating? Some of you are dating the enemy. Not until certain things happen you may not know. Be careful who you love or open your life to. Not all that glitter is gold. The worst thing that can happen to you is loving the wrong person. Guard your heart it is not for a wolf that will destroy you but for a sheep that will love you sheepishly and benefit you. If they are giving you the wrong signal don't make up excuse for them nor try to justify their action or inaction. What you see is what you get. They can't give you what they don't have. No love in them so they can't love you. No respect in them so they can't respect you. No human feeling in them so they can't feel your pain and will hurt you more and more. The best thing to do is to close that door, Walk away and you will be able to see clearly the one that is right for you. As long as your mind and heart is occupied with the wrong one you will keep rejecting the right one. So, cast off the wrong one so you can see the right one. Sometimes it is the doings of the devil that make you fall for the wrong one, but be wise!!! Instead of praying for the person to love you, Pray off that wrong love from you. Ask ladies, Anytime they come to me and say he is treating them wrong but they love him and I should pray for him to love them I don't. instead I pray for them to discover themselves, regain their senses, and get the right one who will love them wholeheartedly with respect.

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