A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi Maryjane,

She is the sweetest thing I have in my life. Extremely beautiful, very domesticated, very caring, and God-fearing. She got everything I need in a woman, But I am afraid she's with me for my money and good life. I don't think she's really into me; Because she is always online showing off her lovely pictures and chatting with friends, I am scared she will fall for one of them.

My Reply: She is with you and not With them that means she is in love with you and not them. Every woman loves money and good life, But the good ones will still stay when it is finish. Internet is not only for immoral use, Don't be quick to pass judgment on her because you might be misjudging her. If you don't feel comfortable with her being online, sharing pics,  and chatting with friends; Just let her know and she will stop it for you if she truly loves you. Love is about sacrifice and compromise for the benefit of both.

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