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Hello Maryjane,

I am a bank manager and I recieve a bigger salary than my man. Infact, He works under me at the bank and takes order from me too at the workplace. He is not cool with it, He is having an inferiority complex. We always argue and quarrel over money issues alot, And whenever I does more things and pay more bills than him; He doesn't appriciate it. He bought me a cheap engagement ring, And I replaced it with an expensive ring of my choice; I thought it's not a big deal, But to him it is. I am tired of his envy and jealousy over my bigger salary and high position, But I sincerely love him. What should I do?

My Reply: Learn not to bring your high position at work into your private life. At work you are the boss, But at home he is the head. Drop your bossy attitude at work and don't bring it into your private life. You shouldn't have replaced the ring he bought for you! It hurts; That was what he could afford, You should have appreciated it and wear it to make him feel good. I don't think he have any problem with you receiving a bigger salary than him or being his boss at work, I think the problem he is having is your bossy attitude, disrespectful behavior, and how you make him feel about everything. A man's ego is very high and demands high respect and honour. It took me donkey years to finally understand this thing I am teaching you now at the snap of your fingers. Respect and honour him, Make him feel important like a king and he will make you feel special like a queen.

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