A mail from Maryjane Blogazine reader!

Hi MJ,

I am a graduate and I am working, but it is not a well paid job. I love my girlfriend so much and I intend to propose to her soon, But my salary hardly carry only me to the end of the month and I am still living in my parents house. My girlfriend doesn't feel good about my finiancial situation, But she is hoping things will change. I am afraid that if I propose to her before things change; she will refuse my proposal and say No. I believe we can manage and economize with my small salary. She is not working and she is still an undergraduate of law in the university. Is it wise I go ahead and ask her hand in marriage now? What Should I do?

My Reply- Hold it, Please please! Don't make that woman suffer, you don't have a good job, you are still living with your parents, What's that? You are not man enough now to marry; sorry for my bluntness! Wait till you are finiacially ok before you get married so that you will be able to be the finiancial head of your home. Don't give me that "If she love me she can manage and economize with me" Not everything is manageble, besides she's not studying management and economy Lol, So hold it until you are finiancially ready and capable, Good Luck!

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